Saturday, April 11, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Weekly Update

Here are the top ten batters who are owned in 5% or fewer of Yahoo leagues:

1. Cuddyer-off to a 211/286/263 start, but has started every game and is talented.

2.Chad Tracy-308/286/538 with a home run. Like many of the players on this list, he plays for a team that flies under the radar (there aren't any Yankees or Red Sox on this list) and he has battled injuries, so he hasn't been able to display what he's capable of.

3.Nick Johnson-357/400/429 with four runs scored. Similar history to Tracy.

4.Ishikawa-308/308/462 is in line with his minor league record, even a bit below. Just needed a shot and is getting one now.

5.Ben Francisco-only batting 143, but has started every game. He will produce with regular at bats and hopefully the Indians will remain patient.

6.A. Cabrera-same as his teammate Francisco. He probably has a longer leash sicne he plays 2B.

7.N. Morgan-new to the list. If you need steals, he could be the next Bonifacio. A speedy 300 hitter in the minors, then hit 294 in 160 at bats for the Bucs in 2008. Hitting 316 and has started four of five games.

8.Fowler-no at bats the first two games, then gets a start and belts a homer. That earned him another start and he went 2-4 and he's now sporting a nifty 375/500/750 line. When an elite prospect heats up, he's a good bet for an increase in playing time.

9.Cody Ross-also new to the list. Hit 260 and slugged 488 last year and i capable of producing even better numbers. Is only 1-15 so far, so a good day will help keep him in the lineup, where it's probably just a matter of time before he heats up.

10.Andy LaRoche-slumping even worse than Ross. Has so much potential and plays a key position. The Pirates will likely give him a longer leash than most teams, so he could prove to be a great bargain if he comes close to his potential.

Some others worth keeping an eye on:

Just need playing time:
Brandon Wood-1%
Seth Smith-OF-Col-1%

Here's a chart and how players on my list have fared so far:

4-Apr 11-Apr
Baker C Flor 4 6
Ishikawa 1B SF 4 5
Johnson, Nick 1B Wash 2 2
Tracy 1B Ariz 1 3
Prado 1B,2B,3B Atl 1 1
Cabrera, A. 2B,SS Clev 3 3
Bonifiacio 2B Flor 2 69
Rolen 3B Tor 4 11
LaRoche, Andy 3B Pitt 2 2
Wood 3B, SS Ana 2 1
Garciaparra 1B,3B,SS Oak 2 3
Francisco OF Clev 3 2
Fowler OF Col 2 3
Cuddyer OF Minn 2 2
Morgan, N. OF Pitt
Ross OF Flor

Feel free to comment and ask questions. I welcome all input and will respond quickly!

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