Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Big Fly-Diamonds in the Rough Update

Two players broke through the 5% barrier and no longer qualify for the list: Nyjer Morgan shot up from 5% owned to 28% in one week, while heralded Rockie rookie Dexter Fowler is garnering more attention and rose from 3% to 7%.

Morgan is actually the 4th player from my lists who is now in double digits. The other three are Bonifacio at a whopping 81%, Rolen at 31%, and Baker at 15%. Of those players, I expect Baker to rise above 50% before too long since he's a quality player at a scarce position.

Here are the top ten:

1.Cuddyer-2%-he starts every day for an underrated Twins lineup and has three multi-hit games in his last five, bringing his season totals to 255/294/383. He can't remain this much of a secret for much longer.

2.Tracy-3%-the only knocks on him are interrelated. He starts about 70% of the time, probably to help keep him healthy because he's been so injury prone. A 321/323/536 mark helps even if he's not quite playing every day, especially batting in the middle of the lineup.

3.Nick Johnson-2%-all he does is hit. Since he hits for Washington, nobody else knows outside of Washington D.C. He's up to 355/412/419. If he maintains that pace, he'll be impossible to overlook even if he played on Mars.

4.A. Cabrera-4%-a second baseman hitting 290/421/387 with two SB's and seven runs would help most fantasy teams and he's still in the FA pool in 96% of leagues!

5.Francisco-2%-like many of his Cleveland teammates, he's off to a slow start, but he's showing sign of life, going 3-8 with two runs and an rbi over the past two games. He should remain an everyday player and his stats should continue to rise.

6.Cody Ross-4%-last week I said it's only "a matter of time before he heats up." He's earning more playing time and responded bu going 5-11 with 2 HR's, three runs, and 6 rbi in his past three games! Someone turned on the oven.

7.Byrd-OF-Tex-5%-new to the list. In over 400 AB's each of the past two seasons, his lines are excellent and consistent. In 2008 he finished at 298/380/462, with a 307/355/459 mark the year before. He's started the last two games and went 6-10 with a 2B, HR, two runs, and four rbi. Playing time is his main issue and that will definitely get your name on the lineup card. For the year he's at 393/393/750.

8.Thurston-3B/OF-SL-2%-he's playing often for the Cards, who always seem to rotate every layer not named Pujols. I had not heard of him before a couple weeks ago and his AAA numbers are very good: 300/367/425 and 16 SB's in 2007, then 316/367/456 and 19 SB's last year, so he's not a fluke. Right now he's at 357/419/500.

9.Ishikawa-3%-dropping in my rankings now due to playing time issues, as well as performance. Sometimes a player you know is good gets off to a slow start and the team starts benching him, leading to a downward spiral that can usually be avoided. He's at 200/200/280 for the season and, in his first start since 4/13 he went 0-3 with 3 K's. He'll be excellent if the Giants are patient with him, but I don't see that happening, so he better pick it up soon.

10.Andy LaRoche-hey, he's 2-6 in his last two, raising his average to 091 (that's not a typo). The Bucs are still being patient and he has the talent. Let's hope he breaks out soon.

Others to watch:

Rasmus-4%, Scott Hairston-2%, Juan Rivera-2%, Callaspo-1%, Seth Smith-1%, Moss-1%, Brandon Wood-1%, Keppinger-1%, Prado-0%, Garciaparra-3%.

Here is the chart showing how the top ten has fared thus far:

4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr
Baker C Flor 4 6 15
Ishikawa 1B SF 4 5 3
Johnson, Nick 1B Wash 2 2 2
Tracy 1B Ariz 1 3 3
Prado 1B,2B,3B Atl 1 1 0
Cabrera, A. 2B,SS Clev 3 3 4
Bonifiacio 2B Flor 2 69 81
Rolen 3B Tor 4 11 31
LaRoche, Andy 3B Pitt 2 2 1
Wood 3B, SS Ana 2 1 1
Garciaparra 1B,3B,SS Oak 2 3 3
Francisco OF Clev 3 2 2
Fowler OF Col 2 3 7
Cuddyer OF Minn 2 2 2
Morgan, N. OF Pitt
5 28
Ross OF Flor
5 4
Byrd OF Tex

Thurston 3B,OF SL


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