Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Batters Update

My article on April 4th listed 14 players owned in 5% of yahoo leagues or less. Here's a list with their April 4th percentage followed by their current showing:

Baker-C-Flor 4% 5% Through today's game he's 3-7 with 3 RBI, a double, and a walk. Expect his value to skyrocket shortly and grab him while there's still time, especially at a generally weak position like catcher. He was the highest ranked player on my list, meaning the one most likely to exceed 5%. Actually, two players already have.

Ishikawa-1B-SF 4% 4% 2-5 with a triple and 3 RBI on opening day. Ranked in my top five.

Nick Johnson-1B-Wash 4% 4% 4-8 and he hasn't hurt himself yet. Just kidding. Well, kind of...#4 on my list.

Chad Tracy-1B-AZ 1% 3% 3-8 with a home run and batted cleanup opening day. A talented player in the 4th slot should be owned in most leagues. I had him slotted at #3.

Prado-1B-Atl 1% 1% Chipper Jones is already day-to-day and Prado can play almost anywhere. He just needs a chance. Hasn't played yet.

A. Cabrera-2B-Clev 3% 3% 0-3 in his one game thus far. Not everyone can make a splash right away!

Bonifacio-2B-Flor 2% 56% That is not a misprint. He literally jumped 54% in five days (literally speaking, that's a 2800% improvment)! It helps when you go 8-14 with six runs, 4 RBI, 4 steals, a triple and a homer in the first three games!

Rolen-3B-Tor 4% 7% The other player who already exceeded 5%. He's a recognizable name off to a good start, going 3-7 with a home run.

LaRoche-3B-Pitt 2% 2% 0-6 with three errors. He got off to a dismal start last season too. At least he's consistent!

Wood-SS-Ana 2% 1% The only player who decreased and really he has long-term potential over the season but short-term he isn't playing much. One to be patient with.

Garciaparra-SS-Oak 2% 3% 2-9 so far. Hopefully he can produce early on and retain a starting role. See the above comments on Nick Johnson for the rest of the story.

Francisco-OF-Clev 3% 3% 1-3 and wants to steal more bases. He won't remain at 3% for long.

Fowler-OF-Col 2% 2% Top prospect who started today for the first time this season and led off the game with a home run. That will earn you more playing time!

Cuddyer-OF-Minn 2% 2% 3-8 with 3 RBI. The downside is his five outs have all been k's. All or nothing so far.

In future editions I'm toying with the idea of having a chart showing players from past editions and their current percentage along with a top ten list of current bargain players. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you need any advice, feel free to comment here and I'll respond quickly.

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