Saturday, May 2, 2009

The All-Brittle team

Having players like Chipper "Day to Day" Jones on my teams got me thinking-who are the players at each position who just can't seem to stay healthy? I bet you could come up with a pretty good lineup. I reviewed the cheatsheets on and created a lineup. I omitted pitchers (Chris Carpenter) because they are too numerous to mention(Ben Sheets):

1B-Nick Johnson-he's healthy and hitting .350, so I hope I don't jinx him. He is a very good hitter with, as rotowire describes him, "A gypsy curse on his head." Broke his leg in 2006 and missed all of 2007. His long awaited comeback was cut short last year after 109 at bats when he broke his wrist. Here's hoping 2009 is his lucky year! Honorable mention to Chad Tracy.

2B-Rickie Weeks-remember when he was a prized rookie in 2005 at age 22? Since then he's missed chunks of time for surgery to repair ligaments on his thumb and wrist, both in separate years. Already this year he collided with J.J. Hardy and suffered a concussion. Second base is one of the more durable positions, but Weeks makes the lineup here.

3B-Chipper Jones-I could list all of his assorted aches and pains causing him to miss time over the years, but I think there's a maximum number of characters I can type, so I'll leave that alone.

SS-Nomar Garciaparra-part of the holy trinity of AL shortstops, along with Jeter and ARod. These days, he literally can't run out a grounder with out something popping or pulling. I added him to one of my teams with Stephen Drew went on the DL and that actually happened the day after I picked him up!

C-Doumit-catcher is another position like second base where it was more difficult to find a worthy player. I finally settled on Doumit, who has had 7 of 9 seasons cut short by injuries between the majors and minors. Wait, he's out two months this season. make that 8/10.

OF-Milton Bradley-see Chipper Jones, then add a temper so scary that even when he's healthy he's often ejected and/or suspended. Actually tore his ACL one year in San Diego when his first base coach tried to restrain him during an argument.

OF-J.D. Drew-may even miss more time than Chipper, which is quite an accomplishment.

OF-Griffey-how many career home runs would he have right now if he didn't miss so much time? Still a sure-fire Hall of Famer.

Honorable mention to Jim Edmonds and Rondell White, both no longer active.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Batters Update

Here's the latest update on hitters who are owned in 5% or less of Yahoo leagues. Three of my top ten from last week broke through the 5% barrier: A. Cabrera from Cleveland rocketed from 4% to 28%, Cody Ross increased to 9%, and Marlon Byrd barely crossed over at 6%. They join Nyjer Morgan, Bonifacio, Rolen, and John Baker from previous lists. That opens the door for three new players to add to my rankings. Here is my new top ten:

1.Alberto Callaspo-2B,SS-KC-2%-the injuries to Alex Gordon and Jose Guillen created an opening for him and he's ran with it, posting a line of 370/400/522. While 370 is a bit high, he has an excellent track record indicating that he's not a fluke. In AAA in 2006 he hit 337, then he returned with a 341 mark in 2007. Last year he finally got some major league playing time, batting 305 in over 200 AB's. Gordon is out for a while, so he should be the starter for a while. It will be interesting to see what happens when Gordon returns if he's still playiong near this level. I just took a chance on him in my Yahoo keeper league and picked him up, dropping Nate Schierholz. I can always use a backup for Howie Kendrick at least! He's new to the list, although he was showing as a player to watch. I've had my eye on him for years. He's one of those players who for some reason has never had much of an opportunity to play despite obvious talent and I've literally ahd my eye on him for years.

2.Luis Castillo-2B-NYM-5%-he must have fallen slightly to 5% to qualify for the list, so he's a new addition also. I realize he's not an unknown player, but he's unowned in 95% of Yahoo leagues. He is underrated right now, probably due to a poor 2008 campaign. However, he's normally a 290-300 hitter, starts for the Mets, plays a thin position, and still has speed. He lost weight over the offseason and it appears to be paying off as evidenced by his 381/435/476 year so far. That's getting it done!

3.Nick Johnson-4%-not many runs and rbi opportunities playing for the punchless Nationals, but you can't argue with a 370/433/463 mark, including a home run yesterday off Johan Santana. He actually has a shot to win the batting title.

4.Cuddyer-2%-I love Cuddyer and the Twins are still starting him every day despite a poor start. One thing I've noticed about well-run organizations like Minnesota is they don't panic when a player with a proven track record like Cuddyer gets off to a slow start. When you've played well over your last 1000-1500 AB's, the good teams usually give a guy the benefit of the doubt if he's slow out of the gate, while other teams would start benching that same player after 40 at bats!

5.Tracy-3%-has a decent line of 267/286/444 and should improve. Batting in the middle of the lineup is always a nice bonus too.

6.Andy LaRoche-1%-talk about your slow starts-he was hitting 000 as of April 15th! Maybe he was stressed out about his taxes. He is now in the midst of an 8 game hitting streak where he's gone 10-28 with 5 rbi and 3 BB, boosting his average to 227. He has the talent and is surging, so the window of opportunity to acquire him on the cheap may soon close.

7.Francisco-2%-the key here is still his playing-time, which has been more sporadic lately due to his slow start. Over his past six games he's 7-21 with 4 doubles, 7 runs, and 3 BB. Hopefully he earns back the playing time that he deserves.

8.Ishikawa-2%-in a similar boat to Francisco. The small silver lining is he's 3-7 with 2 runs and 2 rbi in his past two starts. If he receives the time, he will produce.

9.Thurston-2%-he continues to play well, as his 308/386/487 season will attest. He doesn't play every day or else he would rank higher, but going 2-7 with a double, triple, 2 runs and 3 rbi in the past two games will earn you more starts.

10.Melky Cabrera-OF-NYY-3%-the third player new to this week's list. I'm not a huge fan of Cabrera, but there are some things to like. In 2006 he finished at 283/362/393 for the Yankees, then he produced a 273/327/391 line in 2007. Both are decent and showed potential since he was very young and playing in the New York spotlight, which may have contributed to his weak 2008 season. At the age of 24, he still has room to grow and has started the past two games in a good Yankee lineup. He already has 4 HR's in 23 AB's. It's not every week where a Yankee shows up on this list! If he continues to start he could prov to be a nice bargain.

Others to watch: Prado-1% (368/455/632 but Chiper's back), Rasmus-4%, Scott Hairston-5%, Brandon Wood-3% (needs more than one AB), Nomar-2% (he's back....for now), and Keppinger-1%.

Here is an updates chart showing players from previous weeks:

4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr 25-Apr
Baker C Flor 4 6 15 29
Ishikawa 1B SF 4 5 3 2
Johnson, Nick 1B Wash 2 2 2 4
Tracy 1B Ariz 1 3 3 3
Prado 1B,2B,3B Atl 1 1 0 1
Cabrera, A. 2B,SS Clev 3 3 4 28
Bonifiacio 2B Flor 2 69 81 63
Rolen 3B Tor 4 11 31 29
LaRoche, Andy 3B Pitt 2 2 1 1
Wood 3B, SS Ana 2 1 1 3
Garciaparra 1B,3B,SS Oak 2 3 3 2
Francisco OF Clev 3 2 2 2
Fowler OF Col 2 3 7 7
Cuddyer OF Minn 2 2 2 2
Morgan, N. OF Pitt
5 28 37
Ross OF Flor
5 4 9
Byrd OF Tex

5 6
Thurston 3B,OF SL

2 2
Callaspo 2B,SS KC

Castillo, Luis 2B NYM

Cabrera, Melky OF NYY


Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Big Fly-Diamonds in the Rough-Pitchers

I haven't updated pitchers in a couple weeks. The list has changed significantly, so I will start updating them weekly like I do with the hitters. Rotation plans constantly change, not to mention closer roles. Also, as previously mentioned in other posts, pitchers are more difficult to predict. Hitters approach their expectations more consistently than pitchers as long as they're given a reasonable opportunity.

Three of the pitchers from my original list a couple weeks ago have crossed the 5% threshold:

Cahill-now at 8% and should really be much higher. He's still relatively unknown as a rookie pitching for Oakland, but he's living up to his excellent prospect status with a sparkling 2.60 ERA.

Perkins-16% now. A 1.69 ERA and .938 WHIP help you get noticed. Now if the Twins can just get him some wins...

Purcey-he's at 8% thanks to a wild performance at Cleveland where he struck out 10 batters in 4 2/3. Unfortunately, he also had six walks and allowed four runs. Still, the 10 K's are a testament to his potential.

Here are my current top 10 at 5% ownership and under:

1.Bucholz-has actually gone down from 5% to 3%, mainly because he's in the minors. He may have been in the rotation already, but he had some minor hamstring issues when Dice K got hurt, so the Sox are using Masterson for now. Awesome potential here.

2.Carrasco-Phil-1%-he should be in the Phils rotation at some point and also has a high ceiling like Bucholz. In AAA last year he had a 1.72 ERA with a 46/36.2 K/BB ratio. So far in 2009 he's even better at 1.50, 10/12, and a nifty .917 WHIP. If you have room to stash a player like him, it could reap huge rewards. Titles are won with moves like this.

3.Brett Anderson-Oak-5%-he tore up the minors, posting excellent K rates in the process, and is now in the Oakland rotation. He may be a little raw and thus far has a 4.85 ERA, 1.231 WHIP, and 7/13 K/IP ratio. The key is that he's already in the rotation. If he's available in your league, certainly he's better than Chan Ho Park or some other veteran on your roster. Grab him now.

4.Morales-Col-1%-he flashed his potential in the majors in 2007, then disappointed in 2008. He should get plenty of chances with the Rocks before the season is over. He already started once, going six innings, allowing only one ER with a .833 WHIP and 6 K's. In his AAA start he pitched six shutout innings. Buy low before the window closes.

5.Hampton-Hou-5%-he was an ace prior to years of injury problems. He's not a sure thing, but his line of 2.45 ERA, 1.182 WHIP, and 13/11 K ratio makes him worth the risk. My best guess is he'll post nice numbers in the first half. I'd then trade him around that point.

6.Nunez-Flor-has fallen from 5% to 3% since Lindstrom is healthy for now. Nunez is the real deal, as he showed last year in KC, and Lindstrom is not exactly etched in stone as the closer, plus he had shoulder isues this spring. Add it all together and he could pay off big time.

7.McDonald-LA-2%-like others above him, he has the pedigree and potential. He bagan the year in the rotation and is now hanging by a thread since Eric Stults has outpitched him. Still, it's a long season, so even if he fails the initial audition he'll still have time to right himself and earn another opportunity.

8.Stults-LA-4%-I remember not liking his track record when he came up last year and he pitched fine, with a 3.49 ERA, 1.319 WHIP, and 30/38.2 K rate. I'm still not sure what to think, but he's 2-0 with a 2.61 ERA, so I picked him up for two of my four teams.

9.Lannan-Wash-3%-pitched better in his last start, allowing one run in six innings vs. a good Marlin offense. Unfortunately, the Nationals don't have nearly as good an offense, so wins are hard to come by, even for the team's #1 starter. Hey, at least they're using Dukes now!

10.Hawkins-Hou-1%-I have a feeling something is wrong with Valverde and he's next in line. I could be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but if you have the roster space go ahead and take a shot, as the situation should resolve shortly.

Others to watch:

Marshall-5%, Andrew Miller-2%, Ohlendorf-1%, Gio Gonzalez-1%, Richmond-1%, Daniel Cabrera-1%, Pedro Martinez-1% (you can stop laughing now), Jo Jo Reyes-1%, Happ-1%, and Paulino-1% (I love 100 MPH fastballs).

Here's the chart of players appearing on the list so far this season:

5-Apr 18-Apr
Cahill Oak 3 8
McDonald LA 2 2
Bucholz Bos 5 3
Perkins Minn 2 16
Nunez Flor 5 3
Lannan Wash 4 3
Purcey Tor 2 8
Andrew Miller Flor 2 2
Pedro Martinez FA 2 1
Bailey Cinc 1 1
Rowland-Smith Sea 1 1
Carrasco Phil
Brett Anderson Oak
Morales Col
Hampton Hou
Stults LA
Hawkins Hou

By the way, feel free to email me at or post comments here with any questions or comments. I'd be happy to hear from you. Good luck!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Big Fly-Diamonds in the Rough Update

Two players broke through the 5% barrier and no longer qualify for the list: Nyjer Morgan shot up from 5% owned to 28% in one week, while heralded Rockie rookie Dexter Fowler is garnering more attention and rose from 3% to 7%.

Morgan is actually the 4th player from my lists who is now in double digits. The other three are Bonifacio at a whopping 81%, Rolen at 31%, and Baker at 15%. Of those players, I expect Baker to rise above 50% before too long since he's a quality player at a scarce position.

Here are the top ten:

1.Cuddyer-2%-he starts every day for an underrated Twins lineup and has three multi-hit games in his last five, bringing his season totals to 255/294/383. He can't remain this much of a secret for much longer.

2.Tracy-3%-the only knocks on him are interrelated. He starts about 70% of the time, probably to help keep him healthy because he's been so injury prone. A 321/323/536 mark helps even if he's not quite playing every day, especially batting in the middle of the lineup.

3.Nick Johnson-2%-all he does is hit. Since he hits for Washington, nobody else knows outside of Washington D.C. He's up to 355/412/419. If he maintains that pace, he'll be impossible to overlook even if he played on Mars.

4.A. Cabrera-4%-a second baseman hitting 290/421/387 with two SB's and seven runs would help most fantasy teams and he's still in the FA pool in 96% of leagues!

5.Francisco-2%-like many of his Cleveland teammates, he's off to a slow start, but he's showing sign of life, going 3-8 with two runs and an rbi over the past two games. He should remain an everyday player and his stats should continue to rise.

6.Cody Ross-4%-last week I said it's only "a matter of time before he heats up." He's earning more playing time and responded bu going 5-11 with 2 HR's, three runs, and 6 rbi in his past three games! Someone turned on the oven.

7.Byrd-OF-Tex-5%-new to the list. In over 400 AB's each of the past two seasons, his lines are excellent and consistent. In 2008 he finished at 298/380/462, with a 307/355/459 mark the year before. He's started the last two games and went 6-10 with a 2B, HR, two runs, and four rbi. Playing time is his main issue and that will definitely get your name on the lineup card. For the year he's at 393/393/750.

8.Thurston-3B/OF-SL-2%-he's playing often for the Cards, who always seem to rotate every layer not named Pujols. I had not heard of him before a couple weeks ago and his AAA numbers are very good: 300/367/425 and 16 SB's in 2007, then 316/367/456 and 19 SB's last year, so he's not a fluke. Right now he's at 357/419/500.

9.Ishikawa-3%-dropping in my rankings now due to playing time issues, as well as performance. Sometimes a player you know is good gets off to a slow start and the team starts benching him, leading to a downward spiral that can usually be avoided. He's at 200/200/280 for the season and, in his first start since 4/13 he went 0-3 with 3 K's. He'll be excellent if the Giants are patient with him, but I don't see that happening, so he better pick it up soon.

10.Andy LaRoche-hey, he's 2-6 in his last two, raising his average to 091 (that's not a typo). The Bucs are still being patient and he has the talent. Let's hope he breaks out soon.

Others to watch:

Rasmus-4%, Scott Hairston-2%, Juan Rivera-2%, Callaspo-1%, Seth Smith-1%, Moss-1%, Brandon Wood-1%, Keppinger-1%, Prado-0%, Garciaparra-3%.

Here is the chart showing how the top ten has fared thus far:

4-Apr 11-Apr 18-Apr
Baker C Flor 4 6 15
Ishikawa 1B SF 4 5 3
Johnson, Nick 1B Wash 2 2 2
Tracy 1B Ariz 1 3 3
Prado 1B,2B,3B Atl 1 1 0
Cabrera, A. 2B,SS Clev 3 3 4
Bonifiacio 2B Flor 2 69 81
Rolen 3B Tor 4 11 31
LaRoche, Andy 3B Pitt 2 2 1
Wood 3B, SS Ana 2 1 1
Garciaparra 1B,3B,SS Oak 2 3 3
Francisco OF Clev 3 2 2
Fowler OF Col 2 3 7
Cuddyer OF Minn 2 2 2
Morgan, N. OF Pitt
5 28
Ross OF Flor
5 4
Byrd OF Tex

Thurston 3B,OF SL


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Weekly Update

Here are the top ten batters who are owned in 5% or fewer of Yahoo leagues:

1. Cuddyer-off to a 211/286/263 start, but has started every game and is talented.

2.Chad Tracy-308/286/538 with a home run. Like many of the players on this list, he plays for a team that flies under the radar (there aren't any Yankees or Red Sox on this list) and he has battled injuries, so he hasn't been able to display what he's capable of.

3.Nick Johnson-357/400/429 with four runs scored. Similar history to Tracy.

4.Ishikawa-308/308/462 is in line with his minor league record, even a bit below. Just needed a shot and is getting one now.

5.Ben Francisco-only batting 143, but has started every game. He will produce with regular at bats and hopefully the Indians will remain patient.

6.A. Cabrera-same as his teammate Francisco. He probably has a longer leash sicne he plays 2B.

7.N. Morgan-new to the list. If you need steals, he could be the next Bonifacio. A speedy 300 hitter in the minors, then hit 294 in 160 at bats for the Bucs in 2008. Hitting 316 and has started four of five games.

8.Fowler-no at bats the first two games, then gets a start and belts a homer. That earned him another start and he went 2-4 and he's now sporting a nifty 375/500/750 line. When an elite prospect heats up, he's a good bet for an increase in playing time.

9.Cody Ross-also new to the list. Hit 260 and slugged 488 last year and i capable of producing even better numbers. Is only 1-15 so far, so a good day will help keep him in the lineup, where it's probably just a matter of time before he heats up.

10.Andy LaRoche-slumping even worse than Ross. Has so much potential and plays a key position. The Pirates will likely give him a longer leash than most teams, so he could prove to be a great bargain if he comes close to his potential.

Some others worth keeping an eye on:

Just need playing time:
Brandon Wood-1%
Seth Smith-OF-Col-1%

Here's a chart and how players on my list have fared so far:

4-Apr 11-Apr
Baker C Flor 4 6
Ishikawa 1B SF 4 5
Johnson, Nick 1B Wash 2 2
Tracy 1B Ariz 1 3
Prado 1B,2B,3B Atl 1 1
Cabrera, A. 2B,SS Clev 3 3
Bonifiacio 2B Flor 2 69
Rolen 3B Tor 4 11
LaRoche, Andy 3B Pitt 2 2
Wood 3B, SS Ana 2 1
Garciaparra 1B,3B,SS Oak 2 3
Francisco OF Clev 3 2
Fowler OF Col 2 3
Cuddyer OF Minn 2 2
Morgan, N. OF Pitt
Ross OF Flor

Feel free to comment and ask questions. I welcome all input and will respond quickly!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Batters Update

My article on April 4th listed 14 players owned in 5% of yahoo leagues or less. Here's a list with their April 4th percentage followed by their current showing:

Baker-C-Flor 4% 5% Through today's game he's 3-7 with 3 RBI, a double, and a walk. Expect his value to skyrocket shortly and grab him while there's still time, especially at a generally weak position like catcher. He was the highest ranked player on my list, meaning the one most likely to exceed 5%. Actually, two players already have.

Ishikawa-1B-SF 4% 4% 2-5 with a triple and 3 RBI on opening day. Ranked in my top five.

Nick Johnson-1B-Wash 4% 4% 4-8 and he hasn't hurt himself yet. Just kidding. Well, kind of...#4 on my list.

Chad Tracy-1B-AZ 1% 3% 3-8 with a home run and batted cleanup opening day. A talented player in the 4th slot should be owned in most leagues. I had him slotted at #3.

Prado-1B-Atl 1% 1% Chipper Jones is already day-to-day and Prado can play almost anywhere. He just needs a chance. Hasn't played yet.

A. Cabrera-2B-Clev 3% 3% 0-3 in his one game thus far. Not everyone can make a splash right away!

Bonifacio-2B-Flor 2% 56% That is not a misprint. He literally jumped 54% in five days (literally speaking, that's a 2800% improvment)! It helps when you go 8-14 with six runs, 4 RBI, 4 steals, a triple and a homer in the first three games!

Rolen-3B-Tor 4% 7% The other player who already exceeded 5%. He's a recognizable name off to a good start, going 3-7 with a home run.

LaRoche-3B-Pitt 2% 2% 0-6 with three errors. He got off to a dismal start last season too. At least he's consistent!

Wood-SS-Ana 2% 1% The only player who decreased and really he has long-term potential over the season but short-term he isn't playing much. One to be patient with.

Garciaparra-SS-Oak 2% 3% 2-9 so far. Hopefully he can produce early on and retain a starting role. See the above comments on Nick Johnson for the rest of the story.

Francisco-OF-Clev 3% 3% 1-3 and wants to steal more bases. He won't remain at 3% for long.

Fowler-OF-Col 2% 2% Top prospect who started today for the first time this season and led off the game with a home run. That will earn you more playing time!

Cuddyer-OF-Minn 2% 2% 3-8 with 3 RBI. The downside is his five outs have all been k's. All or nothing so far.

In future editions I'm toying with the idea of having a chart showing players from past editions and their current percentage along with a top ten list of current bargain players. Any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

If you need any advice, feel free to comment here and I'll respond quickly.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Diamonds In The Rough-Pitchers

Yesterday I reviewed several hitters who are owned in 5% or fewer of Yahoo leagues. Today I'll do the same with pitchers.

First a note about pitching that bears repeating: they are much more inconsistent from year to year compared to batters. Often they just need a shot at starting, so if they're in the rotation they can potentially help your team. The deeper the league, the more darts you need to throw at pitchers. Here are several who can help:

Leo Nunez-Flor-5% Matt Lindstrom is penciled in as the closer and he's experiencing shoulder issues. Nunez is next in line. Need I say more? He was a key member of the KC pen last year, ending with a 2.98 ERA. Even if Lindstrom is healthy, his name isn't etched in stone by any means, so Nunez is worth picking up.

Clay Bucholz-Bos-5% He has been absolutely lights out in the minors, often posting sub 2.00 ERA's and striking out a batter an inning. He excelled in a brief stint with the Sox in 2007, leading to lofty expectations, and he failed to deliver last year. A bright spot though is he still averaged around a K/IP. He has looked sharp this spring too. The downside is he's not currently in the rotation. However, he is behind the fragile Brad Penny and should be next in line and has giant upside. He's the type of player who can pay huge dividends and lead your team to the fantasy promised land.

John Lannan-Wash-4% He is the ace of the Washington staff and while he's not a true #1 starter, he did look good last year in his first full season, finishing with a 3.91 ERA. He's not a fluke, as he actually had a 1.66 ERA in his last stint in AAA. His K/IP rates are low, and I normally like pitchers with a 2/3 ratio or higher, but you can't argue with his track record and the fact that he'll pitch a ton for his team this year.

Trevor Cahill-Oak-3% An excellent prospect whose worst minor league ERA was 2.78. He has k rates hovering around 1 and is in the Oakland rotation. The A's may surprise this year and he couldbe one of the reasons.

David Purcey-Tor-2% He's been inconsistent in the minors and majors. It seems like his ERA is either in the 2's or 5's. He's slotted #3 in the Jays rotation and has k rates between .9-1, so there's potential here. I like strikeout pitchers to begin with, as they have much better chances of breaking through historically, plus if you're in a league that rewards k's it's an added bonus. Intriguing.

Glen Perkins-Minn-2% He went 12-4 last year and has good minor league stats. He doesn't get much recognition playing for the Twins, but 2% is awfully low for a young player coming off a 12-4 season. The one caveat here is he had a poor K rate last year despite many good ones throughout his minor league career. Hopefully he will increase it this season. He's in the rotation and the Twins are usually good.

Andrew Miller-Flor-2% Some see him as a future ace and he did put up a 0.59 ERA in nearly 31 AA innings in 2007. He has flashed potential in the majors, but so far has not put it together in the big leagues. The talent is there and he's in the rotation. That's a nice combination.

Pedro Martinez-unsigned-2% Don't laugh-yes, he doesn't have a team and he's 37. However, he looked good in the WBC and he did stroke out 87 batters in 109 innings last year. I there enough left in the tank for one more Pedro-like season? If so, he's the kind of player that can make a season.

James McDonald-LA-2% A promising young pitcher who was the best in the Dodgers minor league organization last year, averaging a K/IP. He's in the rotation and could be a great pick if he performs well in the early going. Probably won't be available for long.

Homer Bailey-Cinc-1% An elite prospect who struggled mightily with the Reds last season. He's still 22 as of this writing and has the talent. The key question is when will he put it together? One to watch closely and pounce on if he has a good start or two. He may not be in the rotation quite yet, but h will have his chance soon enough.

Rowland-Smith-Sea-1% Admittedly more of a longshot, although he did pitch 118..3 innings for the Mariners last season and finished with a good 3.42 ERA. His K rate was almost at the 2/3 mark and it was higher in the minors. He's in the rotation and could post some solid numbers again.

Top Five: